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Intentional accidents

daninaction1.jpg (41202 bytes)It feels to me that most of my life is an accident and a lot of what I have tried to control is uncontrollable. Most of the time I set a direction and then find myself adapting to what’s happening. That’s life! I decided to let my art be an expression of that, to "let it go" and literally "let it flow". That’s why I think of my art as "Intentional Accidents".

Trying to express in words what I paint is futile and arrogant because the experience of my art should be yours, not mine. All I can tell you is why I paint, and what I’m trying to achieve for myself. I’m not going to tell you what you should see or feel. You know what you see and how you feel.

I paint because something inside of me says "it's time to paint" and I follow that feeling. What I’m hoping is that in some way, viewing my paintings causes you to explore your own feelings and your own creativity.

I’d love to hear what you see and feel about my work. Please send me an email.

Dan Couvrette


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